For When The World Changes

There are a number of things that we yearn for.

They are the things our heart aches for.

When we don’t have them, when those desires are yet unfulfilled, misery and its friends have a garden party where our imagination could be overflowing.

But how?

By trying to hold on to life experiences that were never meant to be collected.

The greatest mystery in life is that we cannot grasp tightly to people or experiences.

We can only know them for a short time.

We can borrow them.

Be reminded of the way they make us feel.

Be caressed by their brief encounters.

Brush shoulders with them as we make our way.

The moment we try to hold onto anything or anyone, we forget what we’re here for.

Our lives are borrowed time, loaned to us by a force we can only feel.

We’re here to make more love and ‘stuff’, not hold onto all of it for ourselves.

We often invest our time and energy in treasures that reflect our insecurity and fear, rather than the loving stuff we’re made of.

When we invest in our fear, we bulldoze life, trying to make sure we have enough; we try to make sure we are always enough because we cannot believe that we are sufficient. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a friend or material possessions, the end result feels the same.

When we’re investing in the love that makes up every atom of our being, we ask how we can give and what we can offer the world because we are enough.

That is the difference.

It’s worth remembering that your identity extends beyond the field of things you’ve collected.

We’ve created a beautiful mythology of ‘shoulds’ which trap both us and others, surrounding the idea of anything being permanent.

People will leave.

Life will change.

People will die.

Jobs are temporary.

Possessions are fleeting.

We have no guarantees and that may sound scary.

If we’re afraid though, it’s because we’ve made homes in impermanent things and ignored the places within ourselves that provide the true wellspring from which permanence flows.

We’ve made places other than our hearts, our home.

We cannot hold the waters of the ocean in our hands. We can only swim in them and be refreshed by them. The moment we try to hold them, everything we might be able to hold tightly, will never seem as vast or enough as the ocean itself. We start comparing and trying to find bigger containers for the water we bring back from the ocean, because what we bring back is never enough.

At some point we try to keep the entire ocean for ourselves.

And then say that we’re lacking something or that someone else is keeping it from us.

Why not just stay in that ocean and swim?

The ‘waters’ cannot belong to anyone and it is because of this that they cannot be kept from anyone.

Put on your bathing suit today.

You don’t have to look any further.

It’s all already here.

The form it takes for the moment isn’t as important as the fact that you realize that what you’re looking for is already right here, waiting for you to recognize it like an old friend.

You have the chance to experience a piece of that today and that, is the important thing to focus on.

Do you have any idea how blessed you are that you can see it?

You cannot lose or misplace it.

It cannot pass you by.

You don’t have to hold onto any of it because it surrounds you always.

All you have to do is spread your arms, float and savor the feeling.


Tune in and enjoy.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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