The Start of Love Week!

I’m starting a week long series on little ways to put some joy and love into the world.


It’s nowhere near Valentine’s Day or other romantic oriented special days.

Who needs an official ‘holiday’ to call it love?

That’s right.

No one. 

What is Love Week, anyway?

Love week is a decision to spend 7 days (or however many days you want), consciously creating something to leave behind for others that shifts their perception for a moment and yours, in the process.

You may find yourself not wanting to quit.

That friends, is where a simple act of kindness becomes more than a few little shifts and turns into a new way of life.

Earlier this week I was asking questions like, “Where is the love? Why isn’t there more of it?”

And then I remembered that those questions get me nowhere and made me feel more fear than the love that my dial is normally tuned into.

So I started asking questions like, “How can I create the love that I want to see? How can I give to others, the love I want to see in the world?”

Then I thought posting about it here would be an even greater way to share the love with others who may need to make little shifts from fear to love.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I find that forcing myself to do something like this always fills up my ‘tank’ and reminds me that I still have the very thing in me that I’m wanting to see more of in the world. Not only that but it does end up creating the world you want to see. It may not change people’s minds right away, but it all adds up in bigger ways than we can fathom from where we currently stand.

I highly recommend it and I’m posting these examples to get your juices flowing so that you have some ideas to start using today if you want!

Day 1 of Love Week!

Sidewalk Chalk.

My thoughts were that sidewalk chalk washes away with the rain so it’s a really good idea. I wouldn’t recommend anything that won’t come off as easily, like spray paint, other paints, unless it’s in an area that won’t get you into trouble with the authorities. Sharing love is awesome, but so is staying out of legal trouble, so check yourself before you chalk yourself!


The weather warmed up and I thought it was perfect to head out to the trails and leave some happy messages behind for the travellers that would make their way to the spots that a friend and I checked out.

Check out that view! The lake was still frozen despite the air around us being warm enough to leave our coats at home, ushering in the start of a beautiful new season.


The messages you leave behind don’t have to be profound. They don’t have to be philosophical. Just think to yourself: what would I say in conversation with a friend?


Some of it can be cheeky.


While others can be an invitation to do something.


Just doing what I’m asking others to join me in doing- s.m.i.l.e!


You can also ask simple questions that get people thinking.


You can even just tell it like it is.

photo (4)

Or leave some encouragement for others who might be working out on a set of stairs, or on a particularly tricky part of a trail or walk.

photo (3)

Leave messages to let people know where you’ve left some goodness behind to pique their interest if you want.

photo (2)

Think of part of a quote you love and leave that somewhere for someone to love with you.

photo (1)

But don’t forget to drink in the beautiful view around you and find a few things to thank the Universe for while you’re at it.


It really is that simple.

It’s true that you don’t have to go all out and get chalked up.

Do what works for you.

And yes, sometimes, the best way to give the world joy is the simple act of saying, “This too shall pass,” and doing something loving for yourself.

Make it ceremonious in your own wonderful way.

The good thing about sharing love and changing your mind from asking the fear-based question, “Where is the love?” to the loving question, “How can I make more love in the world?” is that it doesn’t have to be a big to-do.

It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger.

The reason why I thought about doing this was that I wanted to give something to as many people as I possibly could and combined my love of the outdoors, hiking and loving others into one; this method worked best for me.

What works best for you?

Happy love-sharing!

See you tomorrow with another idea to get the love flowing!

On The Wings of Miracles,



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