Love Week Day 2!

It’s Day 2 of Love Week and it’s been ah-ma-zing!

Remember, these are things that I’m doing but that you can apply to your own experience.

Think of them as jump starting the love.

Do them whenever you want.

Try them wherever you want.

I’m trying to include as many as possible so that you have a few to choose from and can go at your own pace and comfort level.

It started with the idea of making simple cards to share with others, by leaving them behind in public places or by handing them over to people so lovely you just can’t help but say, “Yeah, you’re amazing!”

The trick is that doing these little things causes you to look for love and change your perception along the way because as you know, what you look for, you find.

Here are the tools for today…

photo (1)

600 in a package and under $5. That, friends, is a lot of love to share for less than the cost of a drink from Starbucks (it’s how I reason it alongside my adoration of strong coffee).

image (8)

This was the message I started with, because we forget how protected and how covered we all really are. It’s amazing to get little reminders that it’s all working out okay and that all we need to do is check our illusions at the door, remembering that it’s all working out just fine.

image (9)

These are all the cards I made to give out and keep with me to keep giving out to others.

image (10)

Once again, the words don’t have to be complicated! 

Think about what you’d say in conversation with a friend and how you’d remind them of how amazing, beautiful and totally sufficient they are.

I also want to give a shout out to the inspiration for the first card on the left- it came from a picture that Karen Salmansohn posted on her website which left me with major goosebumps.

I gave one to a few sales associates and restaurant workers who were particularly outstanding examples of love in action. 

Having experience in retail, I know the power of a customer recognizing you like this and I think it’s an added bonus to this type of activity to interact with others and explain just why you think them so beautiful inside. We’re so good at feeling it, but rarely call out the light that we encounter in others. 

Make it your mission to tell people how beautiful they are. 

We’ve come to mistake kindness for a number of other things and I would love to see in my lifetime, that genuine kindness be remembered for what it is- the reaching out of one heart to another in innocence to say, “I see the light in you and it is gorgeous!”

image (12)

The Universe conspires with you and for you! 

Check out that little heart that I found in my coffee, while on the way to the lake to take in the fresh air and sunshine after already giving away several of my little love cards. I’ve been going to that same coffee shop each trip since the weather has been warming up these past two months and this is the first time it happened!

What you put out there, comes right back to you! 

image (13)

I so love my spot along Lake Ontario and will forever be in awe of how comforting being near water is for me. That may be another takeaway in the name of love…

…do things for others, yes, but dammit, don’t forget yourself in the process because if you’re not in your best shape, you can’t give anything. There’s a reason why the expression is phrased, ‘My cup runneth over’. It had to be full first, so fill it!

image (14)

Another idea I thought of that required only my trusty Sharpie: writing about love on the rocks where my super-top-secret-spot is along the beach I frequent. Even taking old water worn branches and leaving messages for those who come after you. I never write on things that are still living, I want to point out. I only take things whose life has taken on another form, like rocks, branches, boulders, random inanimate things I find on beaches. 

I advocate for doing it that way because it’s about bowing to the life around you while leaving peaceful footprints behind.

You are free to do this however you choose, but just know that I stick with that as a general rule.

image (15)

“You are a goddess! Act like it!”

Once again, all you need is a Sharpie. 

I was wandering the beach and I stumbled upon some playing cards strewn about the rocks.

I didn’t think: what a bunch of garbage someone left behind!

My first thought was: what an epic opportunity!

image (11)

“You are the answer to someone’s prayer”

I didn’t look for the perfect message to leave behind. I just sought out what felt the most perfect in that moment and that was met with the greatest, “Hell yeah!” on the inside.

image (16)

“You are your dream lover!”

This one though, was my favorite. I saw the other two cards and thought to myself, “I wonder if my queen of hearts is around here somewhere!” She showed up and without a doubt, I knew that this was the message meant for that card.

It’s proving true for me, anyway and life experience trumps even the most convincing ‘facts’. 

What I’ve found true is that by focusing outward so much and asking, “What can I give to the world today? How can I bring more love here?” The silly little problems that can sometimes take over one’s perception, are nowhere to be seen.

It also opens you up to receive.

Funny how that’s the case.

When we give so much, we receive twice as much.

And the juiciest part is that if we don’t receive, we’re shown what blocks we have to receiving, which is giving yourself a gift.

Kind of cool that you just can’t seem to lose.

Though we all make valiant efforts at justifying that we’re somehow unworthy.

Something to remember however…

…you can’t give something that you don’t have in you.

That’s right.

You’re made of this stuff.

Love. Happiness. Joy. Bliss.

Even if you look at these and it makes you smile because it resonates as just a good idea, it means that you have this stuff within you.

Someone’s giving you these encouragements or these cards on a daily basis.

You’re doing the same.

Not always tangibly, but in unspoken ways that move your emotions.

How amazing is that?

You. Are. Love. 

Own it because there’s nothing you can do to make it untrue.

On The Wings of Miracles,



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