Love Week Day 3!

Day 3 of Love Week!

Today is a lovin’ day with a twist.

You’re putting more love ‘out there’ and some of it is directed at yourself.

The first part includes simple window markers you can purchase from most general retail stores…


From there you can write on mirrors in your own home for yourself, as I’ve done right by my door so the last thing I see before I leave the house is a confirmation of what my Soul knows to be true.


“I am beautiful” and “I am loving, lovable and enough.”

photo (2)

Here’s another example of something you can do in your own home or, take it to a friend’s house to leave a little love behind (yes, the markers are washable with warm water!). I put it on my window so that the first thing I’d see when I opened the curtains in the morning would be a message of love.

The part of today that had me thinking was important, was recognizing how loved you are, because giving to others has been the theme of the week for the most part.

Those who are really good at giving to others are sometimes, not-so-good at slowing down to say, “Hey! I’m awesome too!”

Whenever I need to fill up my love tank and stay centred, I just check in with myself through meditation or a meditative activity. I often find that writing letters to myself from the perspective of another person reminds me of what I need to do.

I dug up one that I wrote from the perspective of the Universe a while back, when I needed some serious tank refilling.

Maybe you’ll find something of yourself in it too? Maybe it will help?

Hey Sweetheart,

It’s terrifying to think of writing this, I know.

You thought about sharing it with your friend and he would love it but know that these things are just for you and you alone.

There’s nothing to worry about. Remember, you are your worst critic. 

While I have you here, can we just take a second right now to take a look at just how friggin’ far you’ve come? 

You are braver than you know and more courageous than you understand for doing all that you have in the past few months. 

Yes, it was messy but stop blaming yourself; you did the best you could do with what you knew and she did the same.

That marriage was awful for both of you, unsure of how to make your dreams happen and completely out of touch with yourself. The security you’d always wanted to know was within reach: a house, a car for yourself, someone bringing in a decent amount of money every month so you could ‘pursue’ your goals and eventually, a home in the United States as well. You had all the material objects you could want and yet none of it made you happy; iPads, shopping, books galore, clothes, electronics, meals out all the time, most of whatever you wanted could become a reality.

But it was never through you and you never had the chance to know your own power and that power is huge. It’s going to move mountains for yourself and for others that cross your path.

Funny how the ‘sure’ things you thought would make you the happiest, made you the most miserable. All you ever wanted was to know that it was going to be okay and that the ending would be a happy one and when you had it handed to you, ‘all you ever wanted’ became something totally different. That wasn’t a mistake. It’s what she had to teach you; that was one of her gifts to you.

Some people would love for that to be their life, but because it didn’t make you happy, you honored yourself (and her in the process) by walking, one final time. Props for it not making you happy, too because chick, it’s so easy to die inside. You almost literally died in the relationship before your marriage so it’s not a strange thing to you, we both know. No one says it because you’ve told few about the real 11th hour of your marriage and how much those ending pieces stung, but you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Most people take out the desperate cries out on their bodies, minds and spirits, instead of listening.

And no, you’re not damaged or tainted now, because you left. Nor are you broken.

Do you know how brave you have to be to walk away from that kind of comfort? To walk away from anything, but especially with that many reasons to stay in the name of fear.

It may not have seemed very courageous because all you could hear was the pain coming from the other person, but it was. 

It may not have felt very brave because all you could think of were the ways you could still help her but it was because you realized that it wasn’t your place to heal her heart, that you were brave.

It may have felt like you were playing small because you thought you were running from it but you were running to yourself.

Could you have imagined where you are today? Like really imagined it back then, that you would be taking things down from your vision board because, well, you manifested them and needed something else to dream about.

That you would know your own power and start to own it.

Even now it may not feel very brave to do the things you’re doing because you feel like you have no idea what to do next. You may also feel like a fake sometimes because you don’t have it all figured out but guess what? It was never meant to be that way so stop expecting it to suddenly occur to you.

You are the lightbulb moment you’re waiting for.

Moreover, haven’t the most fun times in your life been when you had no idea what was going to happen next, only that you’d figure it out as it came along?

Basically, I’m writing this just to remind you of the fact that I’m ridiculously proud.

Well, as proud at the Universe can be, but you get it.

Those dreams of yours are coming true and you haven’t had to prove to anyone that you’re worthy or enough to get there.

It’s just you. 

You’ve been enough the entire time. All you had to do was remember that you didn’t have to prove anything, in order to do everything you’d been dreaming of accomplishing.

Remember whenever you feel those little moments of doubt that things haven’t started moving until you got out of the way. It really is that simple.

Just one more thing.

Keep that shit up?

-The Universe

Maybe you feel inspired? Maybe loved?

Only you can really know.

What are some healing perspectives you could write from?

I wanted to share to give you an example of what a letter might look like and in a lot of ways, I feel like that’s part of my letter to everyone I meet.

“Be amazing. Honor yourself. Keep that shit up.”

Here are a few notes for youfrom me tonight, changing up the way this goes a little bit.


Where you are is where you need to be.


I may not know you, but I believe in you. You’re here and have something important to give.

On The Wings of Miracles,




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