Love Week Day 4!

Love Week Day 4!

Keep the ideas flowing.

Keep the love going.

Today is a little more introspective and I want to get you thinking about how you tell others that you appreciate them.

When it comes to gift giving, I find that I’m wanting to give things that have some sort of meaning beyond the material. I want someone to see a gift I give them on birthdays or at major holidays and know that the world is so ridiculously lucky to have them in it and express it with loving words and widely spread wings.

It struck me as odd that we spend so little time saying what we mean to people other than those who really mean it.

Why do we wait until the last minute to tell someone we love them?

Why not tell them so they know all along, so we can savor and enjoy them while we have the opportunity?

And so, the grand idea for today:

Giving people journals and/or letters that let them know how much you appreciate them!


Tell the people you love, the things they’ve taught you or reasons you love and appreciate them.

Tell it like it is! Be completely honest and talk to them the way you brag about them to others.


A small sampling of the journals I keep at the ready to give to others and the best part of this type of gift is that these journals cost about $10 each and under.

Some other ideas that you could use:

-Things I don’t say every day but that I say to myself everyday when I see you.

-Things I want to experience with you and why.

-Things that I love about you and why I love them.

-What I tell people at parties about you.

You can keep taking this wherever you want and yes, the sky is totally the limit!

It’s true that I’ve brushed shoulders with death and had a few things shift in my life to make me fully appreciate living but it took a few years to get to the place where I’m spending time appreciating living and the people I encounter while doing that.

It’s not that I don’t know how to find the words, either.

Anyone I’m friends with, worked with or come into contact with for more than five minutes will happily tell you that having words was never the problem.

Giving them well and giving them honestly, scared me.

What if it’s taken the wrong way?

What if they just think I want something from them?

What happens if I make a mistake later and my words and actions are inconsistent? Won’t that make me a liar or a fake?

That list could go on and on.

Why do we get so caught up in the reasons not to say to someone, “You are amazing and I just want you to know that I’m so proud to know you”?

It’s true that not everyone will be able to understand what we’re saying so it’s worth using some caution, but with the big stuff and with the big people in our lives, why do that?

It stops making sense when you really think about how much time passes by between one recognition of the love and light in those around us, and the next. When we live from that place of today being all that we realize we have, even the way we give ourselves to others is different. The way we give our words and feelings to others shifts as well.

The only thing that creating gifts like these takes is our time, which, in the big scheme of things is probably the most precious gift we can give because it’s the one thing that can change in a heartbeat but that we cannot change or take back. I’m not suggesting to live in fear but to live from the place of genuine love that comes from realizing how special each moment is and to call out how beautiful each moment is with those you love. There’s nothing to fear, really. If you feel love for it or because of it, it’s a sign that fear need not dwell there because love has got it covered.

Happy writing and I’d love to know of some more gift ideas that people have used for their dearest friends and loved ones.

How do you give the gifts of your love?

Be brave with them. They are yours and they are beautiful.

On The Wings of Miracles,



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