Love Week Finale!

The Final Day of Love Week! 

How awesome is that? 

I’m pretty excited and from what people are saying, this is getting pretty awesome!

Inspiration everywhere.

While this is the last day for this Love Week, it’s by no means the last one that’s ever going to take place. 

Hello no, honey.

Momma Bird has more love up her sleeve than just a one time thing!

So do you. 

So can you.

Your love isn’t a one time thing, either.

Remember that?

And without further adieu, some fresh ways to share that big, bold heart of yours.

photo (5)

While in the midst of job transitions, some people take to the highways with signs looking for employment here. Not always, but there are a few exits that I’ve seen it happen more often. I got the idea to make my own signs and embark upon a journey to share the love with evening commuters one weekday. 

I would have probably been out at the nearest highway exit, holding these up with a giant smile for those passing through the city today or yesterday, were it not for weather conditions giving me reasons to bring the super happy love party indoors. Friends are awesome and I would highly recommend for safety and amusement purposes that you bring one with you. Friends make things fancier, anyway.

Buy some bristol board (2 sheets to be exact) and write on it in letters big enough for others to see and read…

“Already have a job…”

photo (4)

Pretty straightforward and a little bold. 

But if you’re reading this you probably are bold. 

Putting positive things into the world takes courage.

You’re putting yourself out there in a big way and spending a few hours entirely at the service of the smiles others give you.

That’s almost saucy.

That’s right. 

You’ve got some sass.

photo (6)

I was so lucky to have someone pass on this book to me to give some ideas a try, conspiring in the name of some serious love sharing.

Sneaky Art by Marthe Jocelyn!

Quick thoughts on the book: amazingly written, incredibly simple and absolutely enjoyable activities to partake in on a solo adventure or with a bigger group. There’s something magical that the author captured about the human appreciation for random acts of kindness. If you like what I’ve been doing here, I highly recommend checking out what she’s got going on in her book. 

photo (7)

The tools I used for these particular ideas included pennies, foam pieces and red pipe cleaner. All found at the dollar store nearby for under $5. 

 photo (8)

The writing’s on the foam! 

Imagine how it would feel if you were walking along the sidewalk or into a coffee house nearby and you found one of these just laying there like the Universe was giving you a great big hug and a high five? Probably pretty awesome. 

It may seem small and it may seem trivial but these little things are what moves us. 

These little moments of connection to something bigger than ourselves help keep our purpose in perspective.

photo (9)

The final sneaky art love piece I created was the hearts from pipe cleaner that you could attach to things like (as the author suggested in her book) park benches or payphones. I thought that of all of the ideas, this was the one with the most simplicity and it says so much without using words at all.

The one thing I hope that you took away from these is that sharing love with others is deceptively simple.

In fact, I would even take that a stretch further and say that we’re the ones who complicate it. 

One more time, because it’s so incredibly important.

Our love is simple. We are the ones who complicate the expression of it.

Step out of the way and let it fly free.

Let go of your worries of what it might mean for another to see it on display.

Let go of the idea that your expression of love defines who you are, because you’re bigger than all of it.

You have wings because they were meant to be spread wide. 

Whether it’s with this or with some other way you’re expressing the contents of your Soul, remember that it is possible for it to be incredible, breathtaking and yes, easy.

Whatever signs you need to hold up, hold them up by the highways near your home or the highways in your home and live your love loudly so that the passion you feel for all of this carries throughout the halls and fills up every room.

The world is waiting for it.

The world is ready for your love.

On The Wings of Miracles,



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