Diamonds On The Water

Slowing down.

Taking a deep breath.


I was reminded of all of these this past weekend and further still while on a hike yesterday. 

It brought to mind an experience I had 7 years ago, that planted seeds for an understanding of what inner peace means.

I went to Sauble Beach visiting a friend, feeling as connected to love as ever, when we happened upon a shop facing Lake Huron, that made glass jewellery.

We were touring all the stores on the “strip” and poked our head inside, not sure what to expect from a tent set up between two physical stores. When the first thing you see is a floor made of grass, you know that they’ve gotta have something good, because it takes a determination to stand tall beside two well-established locations. The inside of the store was underwhelming but you could tell that talent seeped from every corner of this understated shop. There was no one in the front but it became apparent that someone heard us talking about the gorgeous necklaces we were looking at, because we heard a low hum stop and a shadow move behind one of the flaps inside. The shadow moved the length of one “wall” and a short, greying woman, welcomed us to her business.

The conversation started out small, asking about vacations and tour spots, then onto cottagers (as we were). We spent about 45 minutes talking and learned that the owner of this glass store had lived in many different places, owned an Emu farm in British Columbia, taught a few classes and now owned this store. Her life experiences were so diverse that a simple conversation with abundant small talk unhinged my normally wandering attention span. Time stopped during our conversation and other customers walked right past someone who had an extraordinary power for helping press pause in a magical way. I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew what they were really missing out on.

Sharon and her husband made necklaces of glass and used a rainbow of colors to represent the balance of energies. Her words were that their creations weren’t crystals or gemstones, but she believed strongly that her intention of good things and love put towards the wearer, were enough to create positive ripples in the world in the same way that those precious stones do. 

I fell in love with the simplicity and fantastic vibes I got from this woman and her business. How many people stumble in here and don’t see all the glitz, glamor and pop culture appeal that neighboring stores blasted from their speakers and the attitudes of their employees, so they walk out. “Just a glass store,” they might think, missing out on everything else that it was, aside from the “just” that we use to describe situations, places and people.

This had me thinking about how we leave our fingerprints everywhere and that because we don’t see the impact or understand how it always works, we can impact a total stranger with our intention for them to know love.

It also had me contemplating the ways that I “just” myself. 

I’m just a student. (back then anyway)

I’m just a young adult.

I’m just a dreamer.

I’m just working for minimum wage.

And yet we are all so much more.

Sure, she “just” had a simple store at that point, but it was filled with so much love and it wasn’t about buying anything. It was about knowing that in the world, there are people whose jobs and businesses are a way they intend love and peace for the world. It becomes their way to do something for the world, which ends up doing something for them along the way.

Towards the end of the conversation, my friend excused himself to the bathroom and Sharon and I kept talking for a few moments, before standing in silence watching the sun’s shine cast dozens of tiny glittering specs across the horizon. She looked at me and said something I will never forget in my entire life. 

“You know, I’ve done all these things in my life and thought I wanted to do a million more. What I want most, is to retire somewhere with my husband and just find a bench and watch that,” she said, staring into the sunny horizon wrapped in deep blue water.

“Watch what?” I asked her, feeling curious but not wanting to give away my eagerness to hear more of this woman’s wisdom.

“All those little diamonds,” she pointed to the shimmer the sun left on the surface of the lake as it sank lower into the evening sky.

“I thought I wanted everything and kept trying to find it. I don’t really know what I was thinking because it’s right here. Now all I need is to sit and watch. You hear happiness and you can see peace. Give me a place to sit and watch the diamonds on the water, and I’ll be set forever.”

The idea of slowing down. 

And that in the end, the simplest of pleasures are the only things that matter. 

The simplest things that connect you to love. 

Because where you find that, you also find your love and the truth about yourself.

What we do isn’t as important as how we choose to be.

How we choose to feel.

And those choices really are ours. 

You can intend love.

You can intend peace.

How far are you going to go before you realize they are within your reach in this moment?

That is what I wanted to share with you today. 

No matter who you are or what you’re going through, those things are available to you. 

They were made for you.

Maybe there’s someone else who could use this story?

Share it with them. 

Anytime I see that same ray of sunshine in the evening, dancing across the water, I’m reminded of her words.

You can see peace.

So go, find your diamonds on the water.

Make room for your love.

Island Lake, Orangeville, Ontario

Island Lake, Orangeville, Ontario

On The Wings of Miracles,



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