Why Your Heart Is Still Beating

Last week I was thinking about the way siblings love and beauty makes our lives wonderful.

It’s the little moments of sweeping love that make joy memorable and pain, forgettable.

The question went through my mind after thinking of a friend who took their life…

Why is my heart beating? Where’s the love that surrounds me? What gives my life meaning that transcends the tough stuff? 

It’s something I wondered about when writing them a goodbye letter while at the lake a few days after finding out about their passing, though I didn’t quite have all the words that I do now.

It gave me pause and made me wonder…what would I have said if I had five more minutes with them? What do I wish I could still show them and what moved me so deeply to know that my life was worth it?

While walking around that morning, I wanted to grab their hand and show off everything that makes the tough stuff like a bad sentence in a paragraph of wonderful. There was a deep longing to say, “Look at all of these things that you need to be here to see, still. Follow me, I have so many.”

My heart was aching and even then I couldn’t stop from seeing all the places where love planted light kisses on my heart.

I listened to the silence and my heart began to answer as though writing a poem to that very friend.

Your heart is beating

for all the early mornings spent greeting the mornings sweet sounds of the birds, ushering in the day.

Your heart is beating,

like applause that leads you to the best part of the movie, where the main character finds true love.

Your heart is beating,

because you still have so many moments to feel the corners of it expand in moments of unexpected surprise.

Your heart is beating,

because the cherry blossoms are in bloom and they need you to fall in love with their striking beauty.

Your heart is beating,

for the coming fragrance of a garden in the summer after rain.

Your heart is beating,

so  you have another opportunity to know the joy of an act of kindness from a stranger.

Your heart is beating,

to feel the bitter sting of heartbreaks that precede breakthroughs.

Your heart is beating,

because your presence here, makes hundreds of other people’s heartbeats worth it, too.

…it went on for about an hour before I stopped and re-read what I jotted down in my journal.

The words started blending together though and the words formed over and over again,

My heart is still beating.

I am still here.

Our hearts are still beating,

because there is still so much love we have yet to discover.

There is still so much love.

Stay awake.

Tune in.

It’s only ever been love that awaits you and remember,

If you are here, your heart is beating and that is not without purpose.

That you have a heartbeat means the world needs what that heartbeat enables you to do.

That is your gift and oh, how it will move us all to the core.

Stay courageous.

It is your time.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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