Staying Vulnerable

There’s something incredibly tough about allowing others in.


It’s not that I’m bad at it, because it’s a thing that we learn and there are few things which people are born bad at. That sort of thinking, is what makes vulnerability hard in the first place.

Nonetheless, I was still writing since the last time I posted on here, full blogs, in fact.

I’ve been living the message I’m writing on here still, too.

It’s that simple fact that you feel as though suddenly everyone knows you’re not superhuman and that, when you’ve built your life around being superwoman, can be exceptionally tricky to navigate.

This is the era though, where your story matters and what you have to contribute to the conversation counts.

Will it scare you to share? Sure.

Will it be nervewracking because you don’t know how people will react? Absolutely.

Might they be totally unreceptive? Maybe.

The reward though, of the connection that comes from living that authentic self is so worth it.

I’m not talking about connecting to others only on the basis of pain or sorrow, but connecting in a way that’s real. If you’re having a bad day, don’t pretend it’s awesome. Reach out so that you can feel better. When you have no idea how to do something, ask your friends or turn to your tribe to get it done. When you need something and don’t have the resources on your own to get the answer, see if your network might know. Sharing what scares you if it’s going to make you a better person and might help them, too.

You don’t need to have all the answers.

You’re not an encyclopaedia, destined to sit on the shelf and collect dust while quickly becoming outdated.


Were that the case, you wouldn’t be a human being. 

The human condition is a funny one, I’m learning, because we’re all so terrified of looking like we don’t know the answers and we’re all struggling to keep it together when the reality is that no one has answers and everyone is falling apart in some aspect of their lives.

We were never meant to be or do anything else. Life is cyclical and if your “gardens” are all perfectly manicured, there’s never going to be any fertilizer to help new things grow.

If you didn’t catch that- the shit in your life is what helps new things grow so instead of trying to hide it from others, brag about how awesome this next batch of flowers is going to be, because they’re definitely blooming.

This constant state of seeming imperfections is less a condition to deal with and more a state to celebrate.

How incredible is it to think that absolutely everyone around you, somewhere in their lives are going through a positive change?

What they do with those changes is their own story and their journey but from where I stand, any “gardening” is a good thing.

It means you have a pulse.

It means you’re alive.

It means you have more questions than answers.

That the party is somewhere, just getting started.

And most importantly, it means you can dance.

On The Wings of Miracles,


P.S. A little something I found recently, on the fantastic Danielle Dowling’s website, was a great wallpaper which captures the essence of this perfectly, “Prove less. Live more”. I cannot recommend her downloads enough! I’ve had all of them on my laptop and does it ever make a difference to see those beautiful messages. While you’re at it, check out her Facebook page as well, for regular doses of inspiration.

Carry this with you on your journey <3

Carry this with you on your journey ❤


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