The World Needs Your Story


The ways we create it, give it and share in it.

These things without physicality, that are hard to touch but easy to feel, can be even harder to explain but nonetheless fascinate me.


We all have a story.

Facebook updates are the distilled truth of this reality.

What not all of us know however, is how powerful our stories are.

We share in the courage that others share when they tell their stories of bravery.

It’s easy to think that if you’re not scaling Everest or fighting for a cause that’s so much bigger than you, your story is not worth telling.


The most ordinary experiences bring with them, the greatest story lines.

You may think that you just went to work, did groceries, came home and made dinner, before relaxing and going to bed.


There is always, ‘however’.

You have dreams. You have feelings. You have memories. You have hopes.

You are a wild thing.

Whether you permit yourself to believe this or not.


I have stories too, that have stayed within me, unshared.

I once thought them wholly unbelievable.

Then entirely pointless to tell.

Some know of the events, but few have understood with the exactness of a sharp knife, just how deeply they cut.

I used to think that because the stories left marks on my memory bank, they weren’t worth telling.

Because no one likes sad tales.

Yet all the greatest stories have a sadness to them.

That’s how you get the happy endings.


It’s not always about the telling of the story.

But how you take pride in your life.

In the things you’ve learned and those you met.

In your truth.

In your connection.

In your beauty.

In the things the world desperately needs.


It’s how we see beauty in the little things.

How we appreciate everything.

The way that we have more compassion.

It lights up our world.

It brings us greater meaning.

It’s because we tell our stories.


Because you’ve scaled your own mountains.

You’ve fought for things most important to you.

You’ve scaled the walls of your heart to make sure everything fit just right.

And the clearing out of the things that no longer served you.

Not everyone will agree that stories need be shared.

But you deserve to be heard.

Find your story and those who want to hear it.

Then tell it with the prose of a poet.

Not just because you have a story.

But because the world needs more of it.


So tell me in the comments or by e-mail (, what is your story?

On The Wings of Miracles,



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