You Can Do This


Asking for it without needing it.

Permission to be something more.

To do something you’ve wanted to do.

It’s the swan song of those who are still spreading their wings.

It’s the soundtrack of fearful living.

I’ve a confession to make…

I’m still spreading my wings. 

I don’t always know how.

And that scares me.

I learned recently, that it’s so much easier to think you’re living your dreams, because you’re living around someone doing what you want to do.

It puts you in a daze because you confuse their knowledge with your ability to handle your own journey.

Then you start hoping that someday, maybe someday you’ll be as good as they are or you’ll measure up to a standard with a yardstick that you’re the only one holding. It keeps you sleeping and safe.

Have you ever thought for a moment, that you’re the most capable thing on the planet to do what burns bright inside?

Who told you differently?

Who said you were a dummy?

Who said you were a complete idiot?

There is a difference between learning from someone and living your dreams through their twin goals.

The way is not paved because someone walked it before. It’s paved because you leave a trail behind you of all the things that lead you to where you’re going. Everyone looks for the paved trail but the secret is that there isn’t one.

We just think there is, because all we see are the trails around us that others have left behind.

The good news: we are all trailblazers.

When you look around you and feel envy for the “dream” someone’s living, don’t ask how they got there. Ask them about how it felt and how they trusted their intuition.

Ask them how good it feels now and about who they want to imitate.

It becomes clear that the only thing we’re experts in, is collecting data most relevant to our experiences.

That the only question you can ask for yourself is, “What do I have to do right now? What’s the next step?”

Sometimes you have to cut yourself loose. Sometimes you need to add or subtract.

Only you can know.

But the journey begins when you realize that it’s you.

You are the master of what you’re seeking.

You’re already there.

That you’re looking for more information isn’t an indication of your lack of knowledge. It simply means you have yet to arrive at the destination you’re seeking. It doesn’t mean you’re incapable of handling what’s right in front of you.

We don’t go on road trips and curse our car, the manufacturer, our driving skills or the gasoline, when the highway signs tell us how close we are to our destination.

It’s just information.

Take it in and let the need to criticize yourself go. Organize it. Label it. Put it on shelves, to open from time-to-time. Clean it out. Frame it. Do whatever it takes.

There’s a joy in not knowing all the answers.

It means you don’t need to worry about having the wrong ones.

Because there aren’t any wrong answers when you’re testing it all out as you go.

You don’t need anyone else’s answers or interpretation of information to figure that out either.

It’s all you.

And yes, you CAN handle it.

So go.

Drink in that glorious view.

And remember that fear is nothing more than a call to keep asking,

“How can I do this? Because I know that I can.”

Pay attention.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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