Dear Syrian Conflict

I spent the early afternoon wondering, worrying and now I’m writing. What are you going to do to this brilliant, precious world of ours?

Does it even matter as much as the news and some others might lead me to believe?

The world isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a very good thing. It can also be very frightening.

Now the entire world can see you as things unfold. The last time there was talk of a third world war, that wasn’t quite the case. We get to see your casualties and heroes in real time. Hashtags allow us to peer into all of it and know precisely what’s taking place. It’s interesting and sometimes, I admit, I get pulled in because I can’t turn off how much I care for those most affected by you. And that’s how the negative gets in. That’s how you grow.

What I want to tell you though, is that while I don’t understand you or really want to, there is nothing that can stop me from feeling something more positive about you. I can always choose something more positive and I see love through you. I see love because of you, not in spite of you. Never in spite.

It’s so easy to feel awful about you; to hate you and to want you to end with the same ferocity as those whose hands are on the triggers for the weapons that make me feel so upset about you. The emotion is the same and what I do with it has everything to do with what kind of world I want to see.

You may not think I’m very powerful from here, behind a computer screen, fingers typing away, but it’s what I do with my heart from here, which determines the outcome of so many things.

I could create more hatred, by voicing vitriolic sentiments about world leaders surrounding you.  I could then believe more in anger than the common good.  And because I believed in it in such a big issue, I could only then believe it to be a reasonable response to smaller issues.

It slips in the cracks. Only because I would let it.

And by engaging it more in so many conversations, I give the world around me permission to operate in the same way. I condone the essence of the hatred which fuels you. I would suddenly be okay with another form of you because it was coming from me.

I’m not perfect, though and sometimes I do get angry or feel spite. It’s what helps me know now, that all you need is for people to see love through you.

There are some who may be empowered to act from their places of discomfort because that’s how they function best. When I’m most positive though and seeing the solutions instead of the problems, is when I’m most effective. I may show up to the feast with food but when I’m in a negative space, most of that food spoils on its way to the guests’ plates.

So what I’m choosing to do now, is thank you.

Yes, thank you.

There are going to be so many beautiful things that come from you and while I don’t know what those are right now, I also know that I don’t need to know exactly how you will benefit us all. All I need to know is that you will.

Every past conflict has brought the world one step closer to greater peace. You are no different.

It is breathtaking to see strangers reaching out to one another on Facebook threads and watching organizations banding together to work together for peace. Citizens of entire countries coming together through things like social media, to voice their support of the healing of you. Journalists who will never again forget what the words, “Thank you for another day” mean. Families who, instead of remaining silent through their dinners, are connecting in conversation over you. Parents who linger in a hug with their children for just a little bit longer because they’re reminded of the preciousness of the chance to do that.

Whether you like it or not, there are those of us who see love in you.

I’m sure that there are some who might laugh at this. My positivity. My peace. My offering.

It hardly seems a worthy weapon in the face of chemical armaments.

The one thing I know I do have, is a beating heart that hears the call of the others like me who want to see peace. Not all of them are sure how. To be honest, at times, I haven’t even known what to do or say.

Another thing I know with some certainty?

The moment you evoke from me, the fear that gives birth to anger, I become no better than your makers. The moment I want to offer you something other than my peace, is the very moment that I might as well be aiming a weapon in your direction.

If I operate from the place of hating you or those who created you, I have nothing to give other than more of the same energy that you are. How does that change you? How does that change me?

It doesn’t.

I want something more. I’m not here to do those same things.

My experiences have not occurred so that I might become another voice for the darkness of anger, fear and hate which makes you possible.

It is so that when I look at you, I don’t see the smoke rising from another building collapse or another headline of pain. It’s so that I see the heroes rising from the ashes and the soothing balm of peace healing that pain. It’s so that I envision the world understanding the importance of harmony above all else.

Because only when I think these things are possible, and visualize them as an outcome, am I able to answer the question, “How can I help create that world?”

It’s only then that I have a valid answer to the question, “What can I do from here?”

I see you.

And I see love.

Because of you.

And there’s nothing you can do to stop me from living that love.


On The Wings of Miracles,




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