31 Days of Surrender!

31 Days of Surrender starts today!!

When we think of surrender, it often feels like a giving up. Like we’re telling the world of our weaknesses.

While beginning to write for this month, I looked up the word and the way each definition started, echoed that sentiment…

to relinquish

to give up

to submit

to yield

What I found most interesting was that there were no words for what surrender actually means.

Moving towards.

That is the healing thing. That is forgiveness. That is seeing yourself through the eyes of the Universe. That is Love.

It is often though of in terms of the sacrifice made for something else, by giving a thing up, but what I find most relevant is the way that surrender brings you 10x more than you had originally.

How it opens you.

The way that it heals you.

That it creates bridges.

How it connects you.

How much more you have afterwards.

Surrender has nothing to do with giving up or sacrifice.

Many people will say, “But first you have to let go!” Which may seem true, but what if you didn’t have to let go of anything?

It only looks that way when you’re more invested in what you’ll get after “giving up” what you’re holding onto.

Surrender means moving toward the person, place or thing that makes you want to run away. I’m not talking about putting yourself in harmful situations, either, but being able to look that terrifying parts about them and asking, “What are you here to teach me?”

Moving towards.

It is the moment you find your centre and open up to the beautiful answers you could not have known if you were still running.

How it opens you.

Surrender is the realization that you cannot lose anything and going forward with an completely open heart, knowing that the contents of your heart are infinitely protected, no matter how open it remains.

That it creates bridges.

It is understanding that there is a supply of good and that you don’t need to have the perfect answer for all time, just the right one for now because life is an evolving thing. You are suddenly off the hook.

The way that it heals you.

It is the remembrance that it always works out in the end and that whether you like it or not, there is a loving thread which weaves its way through every experience you’ve ever had, guiding you back home to the knowing that you really can’t do anything to stop being guided.

How it connects you.

It is the feeling of expanding within, knowing who you are and knowing that you’ve infinitely got this.


That is surrender.

You need not shrink yourself. You need not become small.

The only thing surrender requires is a willingness to ask, “How can I be of use for the purposes of love?” and sincere desire to hear the answer.

That is the question which changes everything.

That is the question which moves you towards love, towards the Universe and towards others.

Because you stand to lose nothing.

How can you be of use for love?

How is your surrender?

Surrender is a forever thing and as a result, in the next 31 days, for the month of October, the blog will tackle surrender in relationship to some of the following topics: anger, fairness, money, abundance, judgement, blame, time, being right, gossip, criticism, ambitions, relationships, your biggest fear, expectations, revenge, time, trust, assumptions, doing it all yourself, perfection, attractions, appreciation, comforts, world issues and more.

Be sure to check back daily for ways you can be an agent of love.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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