Day 3: Surrender Your Self-Perception

There is a fire burning bright within all of us.

Every single one.

We have enough light and love within us to power a million different dreams.

Even when it looks all but extinguished, there is more than enough in a tiny spark, to ignite an inferno.

We are all searching to find that bright light inside and it’s like our soul sings when we see it in another. Because so many are seeking, it’s important to remember that those around you use your light to spark their own.

What is that light, exactly?

It is so many things at once but the one thing that threads all of those little moments together is the recognition of the Divine in you, in those around you or threaded throughout your experiences. That light which gives you the ability to love and to reach out. It’s the feeling that everything is going to work out okay and then the realization that it did, after all. The light within you is the summation of those things about you which make you an agent of love in the world, often without your knowing it. It is the joy and love you put into the world that you cannot cease doing, no matter how hard you try and that you give even in your darkest moments.

What that is for everyone I don’t know, all I know is that once you find that thing which is the love you cannot help but give, it’s is something we all try to hide because how big it is, scares us. It requires that we take up space we’re not accustomed to taking and making impacts that stretch our perceptions of the people we are or that we used to be.

We know we’re onto something when others compliment us at random or when some comments feel so juicy that we want to revisit them mentally just because they feel so good to know that someone saw what will become that light in us.

I tried to hide mine for a long time. I’ve always loved helping others and waxing poetic about big spiritual concepts, experiences and the breakdown of helping others through spirituality. My inclination to give to others is something I cannot help and while I can hide it, my life had not fully began to lift off until I acknowledged it and became more comfortable with it shining. It’s so easy to want to keep it a secret and even now I still find myself “dimming” my own brightness because I fear it will make others feel uncomfortable. It took me a long time to understand that if people think I’m crazy for my viewpoints or if they think I’m a spiritual “nut”, that they’re free to do so in the same way that I’m free not to care in the slightest about their opinion.

The lesson I’ve had to learn is that the world does not become a better place when you extinguish your light. The world may seem to be a better place because you no longer viscerally experience the fear of being so vulnerable and open. Whatever you do though, do not mistake the comfort of not feeling that fear for the world being a better place. It is a dangerous misconception.

There was this fear in me that by shining my light, I was casting shadows but the reality is that those shadows don’t belong to me. In the same way that the sun shines in daylight hours and the street lights have a shadow as a result of the sun shining. Those shadows, however have more to do with the existence of street lights than they do with the sun.

Life being as intertwined as it is, it is easy to see some of the negative reactions to your inner light as things you must take ownership of, believing that your shining caused them. However, the reality is that those negative reactions were there long before we ever flipped the switch on ourselves.

We think it’s because we radiate that we cast shadows we should be cautious of, when really the shadows we see belong to someone else. The shadows we feel belong to us and therein is the important distinction. That which we see may belong to another but only those which we feel belong to us.

By continuing to shine, we give others permission to do the same. This is an unavoidable outcome. This is a sign of true life and light from within when you find it. You cannot help but radiate and you cannot help but inspire others to do the same.

Moreover, without the lights of others shining so brightly over the years, I would not have been able to see the outlines of my own shadows and know where I needed to simply love myself more.

We may think it selfish or awkward to be proud of the things we see in the world and what ideas we give birth to therein but those things are worth the stage they command. We are simply seeing the light in ourselves and seeing it in others at the same time. We cannot see the infinite within ourselves, without believing that the same things are true of those around us.

It’s the acknowledgement that you know you came from something infinite, whatever that may be, and that as a result you’re no longer willing to compromise and stop shining to ensure that everyone around you does not have to meet with the discomfort of the shadows they cast (and yes, we all have them).

It may seem small or simple, but surrendering to that light within you, and letting is out, is the simplest act of love you can extend to yourself.

When you shine, you’re just too beautiful to look away from.

You bring the entire world with you when you do.

So go,

be that light.

Let go of the idea that you need to be someone or something else.

Do whatever it takes.

Connect however you do.

And remember the Source from which you came.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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