Day 10: You Need Sacrifice Nothing

Scratch it out of your vocabulary.

Sacrifice is a myth.

It’s a cloth we use to shroud our deepest longings.

So that we don’t have to reach.

We don’t have to dare rocking the boat.

Because we’ve come to believe that in order for us to have the thing we want the most, we must first give up one thing or another.

The only thing we really need to give up is the idea that we can’t have it all.

Some might bristle up against the idea of “having it all” but it means totally different things to totally different people.

Having it all is less about getting the stuff we want and more about revolutionizing the way we see the world.

As a giving place.

Because it is. Rather than seeing it as a competition place. Where there are win-lose propositions. Where the good you receive somehow takes away from another person’s experience.

The reality is that we are the only ones who can stop the good from taking place.

Sure, there are out of control situations and circumstances that pop up but it’s less that they happen, and more how we use them once they’ve had their way with us.

It’s the meaning we make once the dust settles.

Over time I’ve come to look to nature as the greatest mirror for abundance.

We’ve created systems to receive what we perceive is “good” coming from outside sources.

Our world is so interconnected that we need to give one another those good things.

Sometimes we are the source for another.

That’s okay. That’s pretty normal.

It’s actually quite beautiful and is a testament to the evolution of compassion and the concept that it is worth all of us working together, towards something outstanding.

We’re all in this together. Infinitely. Eternally.

With so much on our side, in the eyes and arms of those around us, how can we believe that there is something we need to give up?

Where this idea came from, that in order to have good, we have to walk right into the bad is not only unrealistic, it’s completely untrue.

Believing that we can’t have all that good, turns us into our own worst enemies.

We hold too tightly to amazing things in our lives because we’re worried about them fading out.

We willingly watch opportunities go by because we think that if event A happens, experience B will be taken from us because we’re not allowed to know all those good things.

Who put the cap on the mountaintop of your abundance?

What signpost read, “Career satisfaction ahead. For fulfilling family life please go back 10 miles”?

What rulebook stated, “If you’re looking for an overall great relationship, you’re going to have to give up one of the following: communication, great sex, having fun together, a sense of humor and friends who adore them. Your choice, but you can’t have all of them.”?

It would be obnoxious if someone told us this to our faces, and yet we often live like these things are the highest truth everyday.

We miss out on great experiences and opportunities because we’re fearful.

We may not call it by that name and instead refer to it in the other nicknames we’ve made for it:


they might not like it

worried about how it will affect the kids


don’t want to upset the family

it’s dangerous

I might not make enough money

my friends will be hurt that I never told them

the congregation won’t understand

It’s time to surrender the idea that you cannot have your deepest desires work out at once.

It’s easy to look around you and say that no one has all the things that they want and that it’s just a Universal truth that it doesn’t always work out for our benefit.

But I’m going to ask you this:

How many of those people are actively living from the truth that they can have it all? Who among them puts the intention forth to create a life so full of amazing things that they don’t need to sacrifice anything?

When I asked myself that question, I realized that I was using a societally accepted statistic in place of my North Star.

I wasn’t surrendering anything in the moment that I put a cork in the bottle of my desire.

I was just pinching off the abundance and wellbeing that’s natural for me to experience, creating a struggle and the solution to the struggle was what I believed opened doors.

“I struggle, therefore I am.”

There is another way.

It takes a certain perseverance however, to believe that another way is possible because it flies in the face of “conventional” wisdom. It starts with simply asking what your life would look like if you didn’t have to give anything up.

How amazing can it really get for you?

What would you be doing if you didn’t have to sacrifice anything?

Openness. Possiblity. Infiniteness.

That is your birthright. That is you.

Settle for nothing less in your life.

And be willing to question and walk away from anything else that suggests differently.

Not because you’re giving it up.

But because you’re moving towards something more appropriate for the vision you’re headed towards.

Yes, you can have it all.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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