Day 12: It’s Always Working Out

This Universe is a giving one, even when we spend the majority of our time in a negative state.

That might sound a little crazy, given that many teachers today talk about how, without a positive attitude you’re nowhere. However, I believe that even in a negative state we’re in the process of receiving and that the Universe is using what little good vibe it can get from us, in our darkest moments, to generate something in our favor.

A negative day doesn’t rob you of all your good, but it does make it more challenging to recognize it when it tries to make its way to you.

We spend more time berating ourselves for those down days, instead of listening to the invitation they provide, to get greater insight to make that manifestation, belief and experience even better.

It is okay to have bad days and struggling against the current of those cranky days does little for your soul.

Put down your unfair expectations and do something to let it out.

Be cranky. Be upset. Be however you feel.

The point isn’t to run from anything negative but to understand that when you give it some room to breathe, it becomes something more, that you can use to propel your forward in a positive direction.

I’m known for my sighing, for example.

Not everyone gets it and others find it hilarious. My belief is that sometimes, all you have to do is let the energy out in a neutral way because it’s a whole lot better than beating yourself up on the inside for feeling the way that you do. So, when frustrated, nervous, excited, full of energy, I let out a loud sigh that sounds nothing like a “normal” sigh would. I try to make it as ridiculous as possible to get myself laughing at how it sounds.

The point here is to see yourself through the eyes of the good that is always making its way to you. Do whatever you need to, so you can feel connected again.

Negative days and how they’re affecting what good you know are not the thing to focus on.

If you’re alive they happen.

A bad day does not have to mean that you have a bad life. In fact, it can make the good days even better

Let it out. Move it around. Move on.

I tried so hard to control how my good came to me and all that I ended up with was a heaping spoonful of worry, fear and feeling like I had to do something to protect what’s “mine”, even though it hadn’t arrived fully formed yet.

Did I do enough affirmations? Did I pray enough? Was I kind enough? 

What more could I have done?

If that’s the energy we bring to a person or an experience, then it’s logical that it’s the only energy we stand the chance of knowing when we come to experience those things.

I held so tightly to the people and situations I perceived as being mine, that I stopped focusing on what could happen or the good things that were headed my way. Almost all of my energy went directly towards how I could make sure I got the good the Universe was bringing my way.

Allow me to translate: I affirmed, but I didn’t trust the Universe whatsoever and tried to control how I would receive my good.

I stayed obsessively busy with things that would keep the good coming to me, without remembering that it just does. I don’t have to do anything about it for it to work. It just is good and there’s nothing I could do to stop that from being the truth.

But I tried. I made a beautiful mess of getting in my own way.

I had to make sure that no one would take my good from me.

In order to feel at peace, I had to stay in control and in the driver’s seat.

Until it became too painful to stay there, that I gave it up and essentially said to the Universe, “Do what you want, I’m just going to start having fun with this.”

And much to my surprise, things worked out better than when I tried to be the wind directing my sails.

It’s hard to think of letting go like that, especially when there are very real things like bills, car payments, home ownership, rent, insurance, childcare, aging parents and one’s own aging process to think about.

The trick isn’t in letting go of the hopes about what’s to come, but in deciding that you’re going to do what you can every day from where you are, with a little fun thrown in and after you’ve done all you can with the issue, leave the rest of it alone.

When you surrender the way you receive, you open up the door to experiences you literally could not have known from a limited vision of how it should be.

Much like cruise control, when you’re on the road and it’s a long trip, you don’t stop steering but the driving certainly becomes easier and the journey is much more relaxing when you can take your foot off the gas for an hour or so.

So take your foot off the gas.

Life’s going to keep going.

Know where you want to be in the future with clarity but let life take care of the rest of it. The Universe has got this and despite what others may have told you or what your life experiences have led you to believe: there is nothing you can do to stop good from coming to you.

It may take some time but you will get there.

You always do.

And the view will be breathtaking.

It always is.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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