Day 14: Nothing Is What It Seems

For one day, suspend your judgements.

Take out all you thought you knew and be open to the idea that nothing is what it seems.

It’s a principle of A Course in Miracles and generally speaking, it’s worth applying to everything you can.

Surrendering all you thought you knew about the world, is the birthplace of compassion and the seed that grows peace. It is how we know what understanding and patience mean.

Giving up the idea that you know why something exists or what any of it is really for allows to see with a bird’s eye view, what lay at the heart of people, places and things that grace you with their presence.

When you don’t know or surrender your original ideas about it, you open yourself up to truly know and understand who someone is.

They become more than the sum of their bad day.

And because you’re seeing them as such, you become more than the sum of their bad days and your own as well.

They have a story that calls out all the compassion within you, because you’ve been there too.

It frees you to create something new where it never existed before.

Beliefs, relationships, goals, dreams, friendships, jobs.

This is one of the things that make us powerful creators on this planet.

In short it means that you can change anything and all that it takes is the suspension of your memory about the world.

I’ve concluded that it’s how children are so playful and bursting with life.

An example that happened to me recently…

There is a stranger who makes an off color comment that throws your entire day or part of it, into a tailspin of negativity.

This is how we call peace out in others.

This is our opportunity to do so.

We have that choice every time we are faced with those comments or that energy from another. What we do from there is our contribution to peace. Our actions from that point forward is the summation of our surrender.

That is the way to peace.

Realizing that we may think we know about what’s really going on in the world around us, but we have no idea. We only have assumptions and expectations based on past experiences. Everything we look at is the result of our past understanding of the world and as a result, so little of what we’re perceiving is truly new to us.

Until we stop and breathe in the release of those understandings.

Our judgements of our life don’t always mean something negative and is often the way we define something based on our past experiences with it.

We know what friendships are because that’s how we’ve always experienced them before.

We understand what family is, because we’ve come to understand one way of interacting and that when those things are done around family members, that’s what family is.

We realize what it means to volunteer our time because of the fact that we’ve done it in the past.

It’s a swift thing, judgement.

It can also change direction faster than we understand and that’s what makes life so brilliantly thrilling and sometimes frustrating.

The moment we stop and allow all of our past understanding of life to exist, without our participation in it, we become part of the stillness that flows through everything. For some, it’s an easy way to understand one of the ways that meditation creeps into everyday living when practised consistently enough. For others, it means compassion at its deepest level.

It enables us to see the story within someone that has more to do with the Universal forces that shape their lives, rather than the simple ways we encounter them on a day-to-day basis.

The greatest thing about doing this is how it allows us to see the Universal forces that shape us, too.

We cannot observe compassionately without being affected compassionately.

There is a reason why peace and compassion feel so wonderful and it’s because they are your natural state of being.




Call them by name.

They are just as much a part of you as your name.

It is how you light up a room without ever knowing that you do.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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