Day 16: The Hurt & The Heartbreaks

If you’re alive on this planet, you’re aware that sometimes, life hurts.

Those hurts can be big or small and in many ways, each one is significant for the opportunities it affords us.

Opportunities for growth. The chance to know our own strength.

What greater opportunity they grant us is perhaps the most subtle of all, in that through them we learn who we really are.

Through them we are called to remember our connection to the Divine.; To remember that we’re so much bigger than that which lay before us.

We often forget the source from which we come and turn our lives over to the emotions which occupy so much of our world.

It’s easy to mistake that pain for evidence of who we are.

Not enough. Unworthy. Unlovable.

We see a neutral event and interpret it as proof that our beliefs must be right.

We get caught up in the pain rather than living from our potential to surrender it.

Surrendering your heartbreak, pain and hurtful experiences grants you the knowledge of how best to use it and to see that the pain is not an accurate reflection of who you are at your core.

It means giving up our attachment to making a meaning from the pain that is inconsistent with love.

How can the meaning we make, be inconsistent with love?

We hurt ourselves with it by believing that it says something about the life we deserve.

We create or support beliefs which state more about the human bodies we live in, rather than the spiritual beings which borrow those bodies for a brief interlude on this planet.

We make a mess for ourselves, based on what we believe pain like that means. We feel we know what it means, because we look to the past for answers we believe are the truth.

In this way, we shame ourselves and corner ourselves into tiny pockets of fear.

In this way too, we only ever know one small part of a situation’s truth.

We feel pain in the present, but we make meaning from it only from that which has already passed us by. We are meaning-makers, but we do it all with the past. In other words: how often are we truly free?

Do we really know anything about what it means for us here and now?

And that is where surrender comes to call, as it affords us the opportunity to see it and feel it in a different way.

Most of the time we use the hurts to back up painful beliefs we hold about ourselves.

The reasons we need to hide. Or the reasons we give, to justify someone hurting us; why it’s okay that they did.

Surrender allows us to see clearly, in a fog of beliefs, expectations and assumptions.

We have the opportunity to see the reflection of the Divine within us, whatever you name it more specifically, through the hurt and pain. It is by no means straightforward in what it offers.

It is simply the recognition that the way in which we process pain is through the past.

It is asking that the Universe take the situation you’re looking at, and find the most loving perspective, because we don’t always know how to soar like birds with emotional stones tied to our legs.

How can I see this through love? 

How can I see love here?

Only when your heart and mind are open, can you receive the relevant answers. It seems like simple enough logic, but how often have we all locked ourselves up while crying out for help that we swore never came?

This is how the light gets in the cracks, as the Leonard Cohen poem goes.

It lets you back in.

Because you can’t hold tightly to that pain and the meaning you make, without closing yourself off, too.

Whatever you do,

Keep the doors wide open.

Fresh air is so much better anyway.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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