30 Seconds: About Life

I held her in my arms, and without any charms, she took all the breath and the stuff I had left.

There was that face.

Those eyes.

An expression whose honesty laid bare,

all the words,

I thought I knew how to use.

Without words, we cannot but stand,

before the summit,

of the most raw of our emotions, ready to speak,

And when you have no words, all of them mean so much more.

30 seconds,

of a look with no words and a stare,

dismantled 25 years and put back together the things that had but too many words.

Verbs. Nouns. Adjectives.

Conjunctions. Prepositions.

Grammatical positions.

That allowed me to weave a beautiful web to protect the fears and tears and nightmarish constructions that once kept me safe.

And even the dreams, that had no words at all.

30 seconds, 

And I saw the beauty and awe,

staring into my soul as though they belonged to God.

Eyes so finely tuned.

So pure.

So true.

Life had yet to take the love and change it into something easier to hold,

Hardened by the ebb and the flow, we believe that we need,

the fires of refinement to make diamonds out of dirt.

But all we’re really finding are the gems we buried long before.

So when we hold them to the flames,

they flicker and cast

shimmering shadows that dance,

and we’re entranced,

because the rhythm is one we tucked away so that along with our shine,

We wouldn’t have the constant burden to bear of forgetting our greatness on a daily basis.

30 seconds,

And I’m lost as my heart cracked open.

What lay before me was a no-going-back,

the non-refundable exchange.

Where you have to ask of yourself and your demons too,

What ever happened to your eyes?

You were once someone’s

30 seconds.

You are more than the shimmering shadow dance.

You are the dance and the rhythm keeping beat.

You’re the diamond that shines.

And maybe someday,

you will remember in a moment,

the purest stare of the light reflected.



That in you too, there is the same bright.

That the twinkle in her eyes isn’t because of her, but because she is God staring through you,

and loving,

what She sees.

30 seconds,

So that you might have permission to see not just the eyes,

but the reason for the twinkle behind,

as a smile creases her eyes,

just because,

she knows you.

So that when another hard day has the last of its way,

tastes like mint toothpaste, deep creases and heavy sighs,

you can look up and into,

the mirror

to see God looking back at you.

To see the diamond and the light.

(Written by Cheryl Alison Costello)


The story behind it:

I was chatting with some wonderful people this weekend about families and how it wasn’t until my niece came along, and one of the first times I held her, that I had any desire to have a child someday. It got me thinking about what she did and brought to this world just by being herself. She had nothing but love to give and all we could do in those moments was take and give back on the day-to-day basis of nurturing for this precious little life.

How does this fit in here?

Try staring into the eyes of a baby in a quiet moment alone and you will find yourself and your brilliance reflected.

This isn’t just a poem about my niece, but a poem about you.

Because once upon a time, you too, brought someone to their proverbial knees with a simple stare.

The poet in me swooned and swayed at its beauty.

In life there are many, and that was a seismic shift moment.

I’m glad there’s no going back.

On The Wings of Miracles,



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