Are You Listening?

I spent most of last week in uncertainty.

You see, I had to move as of Sunday, found a place by Tuesday and moved by Friday.

If there was ever any doubt that Universe has got it down, it was erased last week and I share that example to use my life as an example that yes, we’re all in great hands.

If you can help it, I would also recommend packing up your life with more than two days notice.

Wherever and whenever possible.

It wasn’t easy and while I had every reason to be upset, I knew there was something much bigger than me taking place in that moment. I stayed in a grateful space and wanted to make sure that more than anything else, I was allowing myself to remember and stay present, rather than getting caught up in the feeling of, “This is the thing I cannot do”, because regardless of what I thought about it, life was going to have its way with me.

The trick here is that it was going to be amazing anyway.

It would be amazing no matter what I said about it, so I could go along for the ride, or wreak havoc in my life, trying to find the answers that would reveal themselves to me.

I could spend time worried about how other people would think if I was happy while things seemed to be falling apart around me, because there is some expectation that when some situations have brought others to their knees in desperate prayer, it must do the same for you, otherwise it’s not real or as bad as it is.

Well, no.

No it doesn’t.

And it doesn’t mean that it’s not bad, horrible or scary.

You can still receive help from others in an otherwise crappy situation

You can be ecstatically happy, while still hoping for more and while in between the point A you envisioned and the point B you’re manifesting. That’s why there are hundreds of quotes talking about the journey being the best part. More than that, it’s just true.

You get to stretch yourself and stay open while growing. You get to balance all these simultaneous aspects of yourself that make your horizons grow, grow, grow.

You can be hopeful while experiencing grief. You are capable of feeling happiness while also feeling somewhat lonely. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry and also feeling grateful.

The degree that you are shaken and stirred by the big waves in your ocean has nothing to do with the good that’s been given and will continue to be given you.

Some people believe that you’re sad only when you’re crying or depressed but the truth is that you can feel content and still be a little bit sad. That’s part of why compassion and kindness are so important, because you don’t know what part of a person’s journey you’re going to cross paths with.

It’s also what used to get me so caught up in the drama of my existence, thinking that if I didn’t look like I was living how scary the moment felt, no one would take me seriously and help me.

But the reality is that life can’t help us if we’re not helping ourselves and it takes up a lot of energy, trying to figure out how to get others to believe that what we’re feeling is true, when we could just solve the problem on our own instead.

Within you exists a great many dichotomies and curiosities. Life doesn’t come with instructions, nor does it come with any suggestion that you must give in to only one of those parts of you in any moment.

Life is supposed to be confusing, joyous, frustrating, grievous, intentional, full of mistakes and sometimes, you just won’t know what the hell you’re doing.

Anyone who swears they have some idea are only fooling themselves. Don’t let them fool you too, into believing that you’ve got to do it differently.

Be messy.

If it’s only ever going to be amazing anyway, why not let yourself enjoy it, even if you have tears pricking your eyes after working their way up from the lump in your throat?

If you’re alive here and now, why not feel all of life? It’s the only way to know you’re really living all of it.

And truly, few things beat crying out of frustration and sadness, only to have someone text you something totally profound that in an instant, changes your perspective so you’re laughing.

That’s the fullness of life.

When in doubt, feel it out.

Emotions are moving things, so let them move.

Move through you, move to you, move away and finally get you to move.

Trust them, even if they’re messy and especially when they don’t make sense.

If there’s ever a time to listen to those precious feels, it’s when they don’t make any sense at all.

It means something’s shifting that requires all of your attention.

Are you listening?


On The Wings of Miracles,



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