How To Create A More Peaceful Planet

I was recently on TV to talk about peace.

The show’s topic was bullying but the one thing I focused on most is peace and love.

The host asked me before the show, what the one thing we could do everyday to make the world a more peaceful place, so that bullying would not be able to co-exist in our presence.

The question?

How can I be love here?

When you start with that question, you start from a place of giving, which means you’re recognizing what you have to give. You’re saying to abundance, “How are you true for this situation? How are you true for me? How are you true for all of them, too?”

The trivialities that might plant seeds of division in the mind; The belief that we are separate and need to protect ourselves from some outside source all shift in a moment.

How can I be love here?

It changes your perception so that you can see the ways we are connected, rather than the ways we are different.

It is a bridging question that creates possibilities and overflows with solutions.

There are times to look at the problem and there are times to focus on the answers and that question is the surest way I know, to create solutions where there were once none.

It is a commitment to sowing love and seeing reasons to give compassion and understanding because you know that what you say to another in their darkest hours, is the same thing you whisper to yourself every day.

To ask it is ad mission to the Universe that your life is about more than you.

It is the start of a helping hand or a smile gracing the silence of an exchange with a stranger.

Above all else, it is the birthplace of a more peaceful planet.

And the good news is that it starts here with you.

How can you be love here?

Maybe it’s holding a door open for a stranger with an armful of groceries.

It could be letting someone’s hurtful comment go, instead of reacting, because you see the hurt it stems from.

You could spend an extra hour on yourself, so you have more to give to your family.

It may involve reminding someone how much they mean to you.

It will change every time.

And it should.

That’s how creating a peaceful world helps us grow. That’s how it pushes us to stretch our horizons. That’s how we understand what peace really means, because we’ve found it in ourselves amidst how much changes around us every day.

Our awareness of the upset in ourselves allows us to see through it in another.

The moment your feet hit the floor in the morning is your opportunity.

Another chance to experience this glorious life, to give and to live in service of others.

So once again,

How can I be love here?

as love

On The Wings of Miracles,



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