How To Start The Year

I spent the majority of 2013 saying yes to everything that came my way.

Which is exhausting because there was so little vision for what I really wanted. I knew more of what I wanted to achieve than how I wanted to feel about it when I got there.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty at times.

And so, this year, I’m saying yes to less not because I’m limiting opportunity but because I’m no longer settling for just anything.

Quality over quantity every time.

That’s how I want my year to be and so it is.

As promised, here’s my Fuckit List to share, inspire and maybe help you realize some of the things you want to let go of this year.

Things I’m saying fuckit to:

The words, “I feel bad for/because” as a way to express empathy because my feeling bad isn’t going to help anyone do or become anything.

Guilt that I can’t be iron woman and that while iron strong, I too need my moments to decompress.

Staying out late when I have to be up early just so that I don’t miss out on social experiences; taking care of my body comes first.

Feeling anything but proud of liberal use of the words, “No thank you” in my life.

Saying “sorry” more than I say “thank you” (yes, I am indeed Canadian).

Spending more time talking about it than meditating about it.

Rewarding myself with food because after all, I am not a dog.

Feeling as though my limitations and my honesty about them will hurt me in the long run or rob me of opportunities.

Holding back when I know the answer/solution because I’m afraid of standing out.

Treating the opinions of others with just a few years more experience than me as that of the gods when the reality is that they know just as little as I do and figure it out as they go along

Wasting precious time and energy trying to be everyone’s cup of tea, when being someone’s shot of whiskey is more my style

Continuing to read a book a day.

Buying into the notion that you must choose physically strong and athletic or being feminine; that the two cannot exist in one person in equal measure.

Eating foods which cause allergic reactions just because I miss how they taste.

The belief that vulnerability is weakness.

Feeling as though I need to pay regular homage to a painful past to create a meaningful future and know joy in the present.

The belief that only special occasions are the time to wear heels and red lipstick.

Updating my playlists every once-in-a-while, when it brings me so much joy to shake up the tunes.

…and there may be some groans through the internet that I’m not phrasing these in a positive way so they won’t manifest, but I speak from experience when I say that there are multiple ways to do things and that we’re all doing just fine how we do it. Without knowing your boundaries, you can’t possibly know good when it comes because there’s nothing to differentiate.

It is okay to look at something negative if it gives you more positive momentum in the end.

Because soaring feels so awesome.

And sometimes, so does swearing.

Know what you want and make peace with what you don’t.

That’s the energy worth starting anything with.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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