The Most Important Decision You Will Make Today

Literally everything we think is the past.


Our hopes are there because of the past which propelled us forward.

The reasons we call them friends are because of how we’ve experienced friendship in the past.

The reason we call it a song we like is because of our past experiences with music.

If everything is a reflection of what was, what are we left to do?


Make a decision. And make it completely.

Decide who we want to be and how we want to feel in this very moment.

Choose how we want to feel about what we do. About who we are. About the meaning we give our lives and the people we share it with.

The really amazing part of that whole thing is all of the things which limit us are just as much the products of the past, too. We get to decide what to do with them, also.

It means that they are as real as our belief in them as being true.

Like the monsters under the bed, we’re just one perception shift away from understanding that they’re only real because we believed them to be real. That’s the only reason.

Whatever the contributing factors were, we believed in them more than in ourselves, our power and in love.

The bottom line is that we’re free to decide always.

And that’s the only decision, the biggest decision you could make today.

Because you are unlimited.

You are powerful.

You can.

You’re worth it.

Choose well, choose with love and remember, you can’t get it wrong.

So how are you making up your mind today?


On The Wings of Miracles,


P.S. If you’re looking for a great read on getting ridiculously clear about how you want to feel and from there, build a really great vision for your life, check out The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.


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