The Hardest Thing

Silence is golden, so the saying goes.

There are times though, where all I want to do is be validated.

And sometimes, that takes noise.

Specifically the kind that I create.

And sometimes still, there are words I need to express so that I know I’ve been heard, seen and understood.

That whether or not someone cares, they recognize for a moment, the journey I took to get there and that they respect the space my feelings occupy in that brief moment.

My lesson lately though, has been recognizing the power in the silence, no matter how badly I want the noise to fill up the spaces in between.

Silence when you want to use information to make a point.

Silence when you quietly keep a moment of profound joy just for you.

Silence when you hesitate for a moment, waiting with bated breath to make sure you really want to say that, because it’s bigger than just the words alone.

Silence to hear the cries and yearnings of the heart.

Silence because there is nothing to be won by telling them you know what they’ve said about you, except for a temporary sense of superiority.

Silence was and is the hardest thing to master because we’re taught so much about noise.

The legacy I had to overcome was one of the women tuning out their own words and feelings, in favor of what others created. In many ways it’s not just my family but a lot more people than that, who believe that validating everyone else will somehow win their place and time to shine; that someone will see what they do for others and lift them up to their own stage.

When we listen to that silence and make peace with what passes through it, only then can we bond over the sounds our hearts make, rather than the sounds of our mind.

Silence makes genuine connection possible and when sprinkled with that beautiful, beautiful noise, it creates a masterpiece.

And it makes us abundantly aware of what matters.

Making peace with what comes out in the quiet, that, is the hardest thing.

It’s where your fears, joys, insecurities, moments of pride and love all live together peacefully. It’s in that place which all of those things share their wisdom.

Befriending any and every part of you after that silence, is the easy part.

It’s always worth tuning out the world in meditation, prayer or stolen moments alone, to savor the quiet within so you can give back to the things outside of yourself.


On The Wings of Miracles,



2 responses to “The Hardest Thing

  1. “Silence when you quietly keep a moment of profound joy just for you.”
    At the best of times, at the worst of times, that joy is yours to keep. I love it.

    It makes me think of that internalized fire that keeps you strong from the inside out, instead of reaching for assurances to build from the outside in, because the latter is not nearly as enduring or reliable.

    Lovely, Cheryl 🙂

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