Counting On The Weather

I offered my usual farewell and added, “Enjoy the sunshine out there before the rain comes!”

Flashing across her face was a combination of bemusement, curiosity and compassion. It’s safe to say that her expression stuck with me, especially the compassion part.

I thought about it while out for a run- in the sunshine the weather forecast would originally be rain.

And as the day drew to a close, I realized that the rain never came as predicted and yet it became so much a part of my psyche that I was even using it as a way to wish someone a friendly farewell. I was convinced the weather was going to bring rain and so that’s what I spoke of as though it were already raining.

It was a gentle reminder from the Universe that even the most elaborate, skilled forecasters are wrong sometimes and that’s a really good thing (especially when they’re calling for rain).

The weather is something we prepare around without ever knowing whether or not any of it will actually be accurate.

And despite the misses among the hits, we still built a reverence for it all.

What I realized is that we build the same systems around forecasts we create for our lives (thank you running, for that glorious epiphany). And this is not about the beliefs we hold about ourselves, but the systems we use to support them.

There is stability born of a consistent answer or response from life. Whether or not those answers support us is not always relevant because the uncertainty that could bring amazing things with it is still something we fervently avoid.

We hesitate to stand tall in our knowledge, especially when it comes from within, despite the fact that we know no forecast is perfect and that our own experiences tell us there is a very different outcome on its way. And yet, our knees still shake and the Earth still quakes when we stand, if we do at all.

While on the trail, reaching for all the breath I had within me during a run, I realized that I’ve been listening to the forecasts more than the  other infinite number of possibilities. If I’m looking for rain and trying to stay dry, I’m likely to miss every other weather pattern out there, like sunshine, cloudy days, temperatures, etc.

Many people have told me to strive for the things others call impossible and now I see that it has nothing to do with striving or stress. The path of least resistance is more than some convenient New Age phrase; It is something worth seeking out at all times because that search awakens possibility within you by giving you better questions to ask about conditions.

Our lives are a container for the many beliefs we hold about it and our reliance on forecasts protects us from the sometimes terrifying truth.

Any number of forecasts could be correct, so if parts of life aren’t working, we’re the ones creating a “7 Day Trend” that looks like it does. 

We are the source of our own misery in that way.

It all boils down to what we’re predicting for ourselves or what information we’re using to move forward.

And why would we do that to ourselves if it dampers our potential and cuts out our reach?

Because we feel the most power over fear when we’re avoiding it at all costs.

Though scary, paradigm shifts are always worth it, so allow yourself to see sunshine where others see rain.

You’ll find yourself happier more often than right and surrounded by more possibilities than you thought possible.

Even when it rains in those conditions, you’ll still have gardens in full bloom.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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