To The Women Who Forget

You are worth more. 

You always have been, but it’s far easier to make room for everyone else. 

Remember the words of my wise friend, “You are a lot to lose.”

Hold onto them, because you are a lot to lose. This is a rule that applies to work, relationships, friendships, partnerships and ventures of many kinds. 

You deserve passion, someone so crazy about you they’d drive an hour just to spend a fifteen minute break with you. And no, that’s not asking much, though you’re likely to doubt every part of you that craves that kind of passion. 

You deserve flowers and laughter and safety in the joking; surprises and not only after bad things happen, too.

You’re worth poetry and really cheesy gift ideas.

You deserve arms that wrap around you just because it’s you and feeling that close to you lights someone up completely. The mere thought of your scent caressing the edges of their nostrils draws them closer and paints the delicate picture of you in their minds with an even more permanent brush.

You’re worth surprise dates and more than the feeling of being tolerated.

You deserve room to go a little nuts for someone at the start, because you’ve found someone so precious that you realize the treasure before you and don’t want to let it go.

You deserve gifts that take time to think of and show you that the giver was listening with their heart more than their ears.

You’re worth someone investing time to ask you questions with eyes widened by wonder because they know that they may know some things, but there is an endless horizon called you that they could spend forever learning about.

You deserve the freedom to choose.

You deserve someone saying, “Yeah, that’s her,” from across a crowded room, with a look that you can feel in every inch of your being.

You’re worth turning over in the night for, because at some point you slipped out of their arms and they want to find you again and you deserve someone who turns in the night, before sleep, to kiss you on the forehead or shoulder as if to send you off carefully to the land of dreams.

You deserve someone who understands that the weight of words are carried in actions that highlight their importance and meaning.

You’re worth someone wanting to prove their love, because they know that you shouldn’t be easily won- they don’t want to win you easily because they see you’re worth the devotion.

You, are a lot to lose darling and not all will know this because life’s taught them to forget this of themselves.

But soon enough and believe me trust in soon enough.

You will find the one who sees you for the sunrise you are, with the desire to meet you more than halfway but with whom you won’t need to start off sweating from all the work. You will find the one with whom your soul sparks and says, “Hello, old friend.”


On The Wings of Miracles,



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