On Letting Go

There is no perfect time and yes, you really did all you could.

Sometimes things just work out that way and it can mean only one thing.

Sometimes things just work out that way and that’s all.

It’s easy to rely on Universal inferences and making greater meaning when the thing you’re dancing circles around is really the fact that you’re not yet ready to let go. And that’s okay too, but remember that sometimes we can complicate the simple things because we don’t want to face the fact that it just plain sucks to see something or someone go.

Making meaning bigger than what’s actually there, pointing to Universal signs, looking into childhood wounds and mapping out the stars in accordance with our hurt; we relegate ourselves to constantly looking back, locked in this holding pattern that never truly allows us to be free or present with ourselves.

But that’s not what we’re made for.

Whenever the sting of heartbreak or sadness found me empty-handed, I busied myself by making meaning. I worked my hardest to force it out. It wasn’t enough to simple watch things leave- I had to make sure that every single time, I said a lengthy goodbye, because the pain caught me off guard and rather than sit with the pain and say, “Damn. That was something,” my heart would rather have me constantly moving. If I was in constant motion, then I wouldn’t need to be still with the discomfort of loss; then I wouldn’t have to listen to what my soul was trying to tell me all along.

Some things just aren’t meant to stay. And we can look to the skies, star signs and maybe even blame it on the retrogrades but the bottom line stays put: when life shakes our branches, we’re damn lucky that they’re so heavy with ripe fruit that the occasional piece falls to the ground.

So don’t make more messes where there aren’t any- it’s a lesson that I’m grateful I’m finally learning.

Just stand still for a moment and treat your feelings as things that are worth holding onto for a moment because they’re no hot potato.

Trust life to show you why and know that time heals but more than that, time grows more fruit for those branches, too.

And on some rare occasions, it grows an entire tree. Make sure you’re aware of those roots because once they start slowly sinking into the ground and taking hold, they are magnificent.

Let the stars be stars and allow yourself the luxury of not knowing everything.

Because some things just aren’t meant to stay.


On The Wings of Miracles,



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