Stardust and Wonder

I want you to think for just a moment.

Stop what you’re doing and lend me five minutes of your time. Make that ten.

Consider everything you’ve been through- all the fire, trials, tribulations, celebrations and things which led to song and dance.

My mind wandered in contemplation set to the tune of the sunrise and the scent of fresh coffee, incense burning in the background.

When’s the last time you stopped, and I mean really stopped to consider all the things you went through that built you into this magnificent being, today?

I’m not talking about the superficial way you eat or the way you decorate the temple of you, but the real way that despite all the things thrown your way that might have stopped you every time, you’re still here and doing more marvellously than you realize.

True, your celebrations may be muted by some pain, but the bottom line remains that you are here. No, not everything is perfect but dwell for a moment in what is for just a moment; There’s usually at least one thing going right- stay in that space.

There is literally no time as amazing as this. And I write these words having walked through a great deal of fire in the past six months.

If we made it this far and through all that stuff from our pasts, I feel it’s important to take a random moment to say and suggest out loud that it’s time you celebrate your strengths.

You’re come so far.

So now that you’ve given me your time and your eyes for this short but sweet post, I say with gratitude and the highest regard,

You’re pretty damn amazing.

You’re made of stardust and wonder and you would do well to keep it in mind.

And rather than write a post about things I’m mulling over, I just wanted to remind you that I can see it and that I hope you start seeing it too.

Remembering it about yourself, you might just change the world around you.

Make a wish on a shooting star, but only as long as you remember that you’re wishing on some part of you streaking through the sky.

IMG_1351On the Wings of Miracles,



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