What would your life look like without so much fear?

What would you do?

Who would you be if you chose to believe more in love?

Most importantly, what could you do that you once thought impossible?

I believe that you are enough.

Your love is sufficient.

My mission is simple: give you ways to change your mind that can change your life, one shift in perception at a time.

So what is a ‘loving instant’?

It’s the moment you shift inside, from fear to love.

A Course in Miracles calls it ‘The Holy Instant’ and because love resonates so powerfully for me, I’m living those moments and calling them Love.

The cool part about this is that they’re happening all the time.

Loving instants happen all the time.

You can’t miss the boat because as one ship goes out another one comes right into the harbor, asking where it is you need to take your fine Self.

Each post on here is an offering; a sacred map to bring you back to your natural state of bliss.

I’ve experienced first-hand, the power of what I write about and it’s only because those things changed my life that I’m able to share them. I know how good it can feel to choose love over fear and want to tell the rest of the world how I learned to do it.

Share it. Sing it. Draw it. Dance it. Paint it. Write it. Name it. Claim it.

It may not always be easy, but obstacles be damned, this life is yours and you deserve a good one.

And that is precisely what I want to offer at the loving instant.

I’m leading with love and extending a hand, to show you that you can do this.

How can I best serve you today?




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  1. Thanks for the follow. I’ve done likewise. I look forward to your postings. Abundant blessings, Emma

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